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Domestic Care Calculator

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Domestic Care Calculator calculates past domestic care (Griffiths v Kirkmeyer damages) pursuant to:

 - s.141B of the NSW Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999

 - s.15 of the NSW Civil Liability Act 2002

- s.174  of the Victorian Transport Accident Act 1986

 - s.281B of the Victorian Wrongs Act 1958

Enter dates in dd/mm/yy  format (either "/" or "." can be used as the date separator). After you have entered the From Date and To Date enter the number of  weekly hours of domestic assistance for that period. Select either New South Wales or Victoria from the dropdown listbox. Then click on calculate.

  If the hours of domestic assistance changed you can enter additional periods by clicking on the Add Row button (a maximum of 6 periods can be entered.)